Read: It’s Time For Shane Doan To Stop Being So Loyal

At Backhand Shelf, Justin Bourne writes that Shane Doan has proven his loyalty to the Coyotes and the Phoenix area and it is time for him to move on and chase the Stanley Cup.

Bourne writes “It’s so bizarre to me that a guy as fiercely competitive as Doan wouldn’t be salivating at the thought of playing alongside some of the best players in the League after years of skating alongside second and third liners. I’m not trying to tear down the Coyotes current roster, just saying it’s been 16 seasons of playing with mediocrity for the majority of the time.”

Buffalo GM Darcy Regier said that he admires Doan’s loyalty “He’s spent his whole career with that organization, and I think that’s meaningful, and I admire that, but in the event he’s not going to stay there, we certainly would have an interest.”

He added that there has been no meeting set up between the Sabres and Doan.

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