Watch: Pavel Buchnevich’s goal/other strong plays from last weekend

Buchnevich is one of the “top prospects in Europe,” has “high end” skill and  could be close to pushing for NHL time if he comes over to North America. (ESPN Insider)

Rangers European Scout Jan Gajdosik says, “he has the ability to create something out of nothing with his tricky moves and his quick, surprising release. His coach has started to use him as penalty killer and he’s showed a willingness to block shots, even sliding on the ice to block shots from the point.” (via the Rangers)

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Read: Why the 39 game mark may be important to the Rangers and Anthony Duclair

Duclair1On TSN last night, Bob McKenzie, while talking about 18-year old Oilers center Leon Draisaitl, said that teams are less concerned with players burning off a year of their entry level deal by playing a 10th game and are more concerned with not allowing a player to hit 40 games because that would count as a year towards unrestricted free agency. (TSN)

McKenzie added “there is actually an economic benefit to allowing a player to go past his nine games, play the 10th game, burn a year off his entry level contract, send him back to juniors so that he has a lesser body of work so he doesn’t get as good a second contract but he doesn’t reach free agency until eight years in, instead of seven years in because you send him back before he plays his 40th game.”(TSN)

Section 10.1.a of the Collective Bargaining Agreement states that a player who has either “accrued” seven seasons or is 27 years old at the end of the league year can be an unrestricted free agent.

An “accrued season” is defined in the CBA as a player being on a club’s active roster for 40 or more games during a year.

Anthony Duclair, 19, will have the first-year of his entry-level deal burn off no matter where he plays this season but the Rangers may be able to push his free agency year back by not keeping him around past 39 games.

If Duclair were to play past 39 games he would be eligible to become a free agent at age 26. By preventing him from playing 40 games, Duclair would become a free agent at age 27.

Read: Henrik Lundqvist on the luck factor

Henrik LundqvistBefore the season, Henrik Lundqvist was asked who much luck has to do with winning in hockey.

Lundqvist said that hockey is such a fast game and sometimes it seems like you have luck on your side and sometimes you don’t. He said that when you are playing well it seems like the puck is bouncing in your favor. (Gotham Magazine)

He added, “other times, when you’re struggling, it feels like the puck is hitting the poles and things are going against you. Sometimes it’s just mental. I always talk about making good decisions, and that will help you create that extra luck you may need. Especially when you play against good teams, the difference between winning and losing is so small. (Gotham Magazine)

Lundqvist has often spoke about luck and the impact it has.


Buzz: Nothing new happening with the Marc Staal contract extension

Marc StaalMarc Staal’s agent says that there is nothing new to report on the status of a contract extension for the defenseman. (NY Post)

Staal’s agent tells Larry Brooks that talks are open ended and that as of now no deadline for a deal has been set. Staal’s agent notes that a deadline could be put into place, for a deal to happen or talks to stop, as they move further into the season. (NY Post)

If Staal imposes a deadline the Rangers could start trade talks with Staal to put their own pressure on/send him out of town. (NY Post)

It’s believed that Staal is looking for $6 million per year for six-years while the Rangers are offering six-years and $5.5 million per year. The Rangers have not changed their offer in “months.” (NY Post)

The price for Staal could increase if the Islanders are able to sign Johnny Boychuk long-term for a deal that is “top dollar.” (NY Post)

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Read: Pierre McGuire on Rick Nash and how he has gotten his game back

Rick NashThrough seven games, Rick Nash is tied with Corey Perry for the league lead with 8 goals.

After scoring his seventh goal of the season on Sunday, Rick Nash told Stan Fischler on MSG that things are “going right now” for him and while it’s fun, “I think true character comes out when you struggle.”

Asked what has changed in Nash this season, Pierre McGuire was on TSN1050 on Monday and said, “he is healthy, he is not dealing with concussion related syndrome. Last year there were times on the ice, I swear, where he didn’t have any equilibrium, he would skate over the blue line and fall. I am convinced, and I don’t have any medial proof, that he was not 100% right last year even though he says that he was. You see him this year and he is strong on the puck, driving through people, driving around people, driving to the net, fearless in his approach to the game. The biggest thing with Rick is keeping it between the rails with his health. He was fantastic again yesterday.”

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Read: The Rangers face no pressure with Anthony Duclair

Anthony Duclair2PM: The Rangers should send Duclair back to Quebec, according to Corey Pronman. (ESPN Insider)

Pronman says that while Duclair projects to be a top-six player in the near future for the Rangers, “there is nothing wrong” with sending him back and allowing him to work on his all-around game, “bulk up” and play for Canada at the World Juniors.  (ESPN Insider)

10/23/14 | 9:39AM: Because of when his contract was signed, Anthony Duclair will burn off the first year of his entry-level deal whether or not he spends it with the Rangers. (NY Post)

Normally teams have 9 games before they need to send a player back to junior before burning off the first year of his deal but the Rangers are not in that position with Duclair since his the year has already been burned. (NY Post)

Because of the Rangers don’t face either time or contract related pressure to make a decision on Duclair but if he isn’t playing that likely isn’t going to help him develop. (NY Post)

The Rangers can not bring Duclair back if they send him back to Quebec.

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