When James Dolan came on the ice after practice and “fought” Dale Purinton

James DolanDuring a Rangers road trip in February 2003, James Dolan joined the team on the ice in Anaheim after practice and proceeded to get into a :”tussle” with Dale Purninton. (NY Times)

Purinton said that Dolan came on the ice and the two started “messing around.” He said that Dolan was “a little feisty” and started throwing some “fake punches.” (NY Times)

He added that Dolan was “definitely loving it.” (NY Times)

Dolan one-timed a pass to Purinton before getting into their “mock fight.” (NY Times)

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The Rangers scouting report on Marc Staal from when he was drafted

Marc StaalFrom a New York Rangers game program in 2006 comes a scouting report on Marc Staal:

  • A very good skater with a long stride and moves well laterally.
  • Aggressive defenseman who is offensively inclined; he likes to join the rush and jump in from the point.
  • Shows patience with the puck.
  • Uses his size well in front of the net and will not back down in confrontations.

Staal has played in 540 regular season games for the Rangers and 87 playoff games.

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Dan Boyle’s ice time and where he started his shifts

Brian BoyleThis past season Dan Boyle played in 65 regular season games and averaged 20:14 per game while averaging 19:48 per game in 19 playoff games.

In the regular season Boyle started around 41% of his shifts in the offensive zone, 34% in the neutral zone and and 25% in the defensive zone. (War on Ice)

In the playoffs Boyle started 41% of his shifts in the offensive zone, 36% in the neutral zone and 23% in the defensive zone.(War on Ice)

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What kind of player Rangers draft pick Robin Kovacs is

Robin Kovacs, the 62nd pick by the Rangers in 2015, was ranked 51st by Future Considerations.

He was listed as the most underrated player in the draft by Future Considerations and his NHL potential is listed as “Top-Six Goal Scoring Winger.”

They write that Kovacs is a “high skill offensive player” with “good hands, top-notch skating ability” and his “acceleration, speed and mobility are excellent.” He brings the puck into the zone and is “very slippery” between defenders making him tough to stop.

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Could Henrik Lundqvist have a future as a broadcaster?

Gotham Magazine Celebrates Cover Star Henrik Lundqvist At Wolfgang's SteakhouseSports Business Daily listed Henrik Lundqvist as an athlete who could have a future in broadcasting after his career ends.

Execs from the NBC Sports Group see Lundqvist as someone with “a lot of TV potential” and that Lundqvist would provide analysis fans want to see because of his stature and résumé on the ice. (SBD)

The exec said that Lundqvist is well spoken, “good looking” and “seems to have the external things you need to be successful.” (SBD)