Read: Al Trautwig Calls Patrick Kaleta Stupid (Update With Marc Staal and John Tortorella)

10:51PM: John Tortorella said on MSG, “It’s probably one of the most dangerous hits I have seen. Same guys…same sh!!. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad we made them pay. It’s disgusting. It’s a lack of respect. You need to respect what is going on on the ice.”

10:47PM: Joe Micheletti said on MSG, “It makes me sick. Someone is going to get killed, or a broken neck….it has to end.”

10:19PM: At the start of the Rangers post game show, Al Trautwig spoke about Patrick Kaleta and his hit on Brad Richards in the third period.

He said, “Patrick Kaleta needs to be suspended by the NHL for being stupid, if for no other reason, he deserves to be suspended because he is a bad combo. He is stupid and he is dangerous and he gave the Rangers the game tonight.”

Trautwig, when narrating the highlights, said, “are you kidding me….really?”

Marc Staal, on Rangers post game, said “it’s a cheap hit…..dirty.”