Note: Patrick Kaleta Should Expect To Miss A More Than A Few Games

Last night on MSG, Joe Micheletti and Dave Maloney had a discussion about what the league should to make a statement to try and stop players from continuing to make plays like the one that Patrick Kaleta made on Brad Richards last night.

Joe was visible upset/agitated and said “If this thing is single digits I will be upset.”

Joe then said that Kaleta’s past history should only increase the suspension and “it should be way past single digits.”

Ray Ferraro of TSN tweeted, “just saw Kaleta-Richards/that guy simply has no respect for anyone, or
isn’t smart enough to see the danger in that play.. again #suspension”

Bob McKenzie said

  • Don’t like Kaleta hit, it’s dangerous play but if it were committed by guy with no record, NHL precedent is maybe game or two, if that.
  • Since Kaleta has a record, I think he’ll get more than a game or two but not nearly as long as those calling for a big #.

Mark Spector of Sportsnet tweeted”

  • “Patrick Kaleta is a dangerous, irresponsible player. Has been for years. Game doesn’t need him. Be a better place without him.
  • Kaleta has a “bad rep” ’cause he’s been hitting from behind for ages. He’s Raffi Torres, but from behind. Enough already

Kaleta was suspended four game last season for a head butt during a game against the Flyers.

According to John Giannone, Steve Ott spoke with Brad Richards after he returned from the locker room and said “that was scary.” Ott and Richards were teammates in Dallas.