Buzz: Patrick Kaleta’s Hearing Is NOT IN PERSON

9:52AM: Deb Placey of MSG tweeted “If they gave Buffalo’s Patrick Kaleta 20 gms he’d cease being a repeat offender.”

9:15AM: Brett Cyrgalis of the NY Post tweets “If you think 5gms (the max w/ 3pm phone hearing) is going to deter Kaleta from making dangerous plays in the future, you’re wrong”

8:36AM: Nick Cotsonika tweets:

  • Did not like Kaleta hit on Richards. There wasn’t much force, but enough at just the right spot to be dangerous. And he has a history
  • No in-person hearing? Let’s see what DPS gives Kaleta and how Shanahan explains it. Maybe Kaleta gets four or five games and it makes sense.
  • It should be noted Richards returned to play. Injury factors in sentencing. Kaleta is lucky.

8:31AM: According to Nick Kypreos, the cross check that Patrick Kaleta put on Brad Richards last night wasn’t bad enough to warrant an in-person hearing,

He will have a call with the Department of Player Safety at 3PM.

Since the hearing is not in person, Kaleta will get five games or less.

The Sabres fourth game this month is against the Rangers.