Read: Being Careful With Justin Schultz

At the Toronto Star, Damien Cox writes that while talented Justin Schultz could be the latest in a long line of young, hyped UFA’s that many teams are interested in.

He says that Adam Oates is an example of a player who signed as a UFA and became a star, but also mentions the cases of Mats Zuccarello, Matt Gilroy, Mike Van Ryn and Fabian Brunnstrom as player who were expected to be stars after signing.

Comparing Schultz to the last right handed FA shooting defenseman the Rangers signed out of college, Matt Gilroy, Cox says “Schultz turns 22 next month. Gilroy was 24 coming out of Boston University as a similarly sized, right-hand shooting defenceman with offensive abilities, and hyped just as much or more. He only spent five games in the minors, but has since been traded twice, with both the Rangers and Lightning deciding fairly quickly they could do better. The Leafs were after Gilroy hot and heavy back then, too, but the Rangers got him because they were willing to offer guarantees Toronto would not.”