Read: How Christian Thomas Is Training This Summer

This summer Christian Thomas joined Steve Stamkos, Jeff Skinner and James Neal and others to train with Gary Roberts in Toronto for his high intensity workout camp.

Dan Rosen, at, went to the camp and report on the program that Roberts has these players on.

The initial phase stresses general strengthening and corrective exercises designed to fix nagging injuries or imbalances that might have developed during an 82-game NHL season. The second phase is focused on strength and power, and the third phase is structured to provide the speed and endurance necessary to be prepared for training camp.

Roberts said that he works with each player individually to help them get better, “So, I treat everybody differently that way. These guys get specific training for their own weaknesses and that’s what the summer should be about. The winter becomes a general program, but the summer should be more specific to the players’ needs.”

Thomas’ father Steve was teammates with Roberts in Toronto.

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