Read: Richard’s AC Charity Game Story

Sent by Richard Baktis

I was lucky enough to attend the game last night and I have to say it was one of the best hockey experiences I have been a part of. I came down from Wantagh NY to AC to watch and it was worth every Penny Spent and Mile Driven (the money won at the tables was a nice side bonus too!)

The game was All-Star game tempo with some actual defense played. Dan Girardi was in mid season Defensive form as well in the 1st Period I think he forgot it was a charity game and not a Regular Season Game. Tons of WE WANT HOCKEY!!! chants all night. The FIRE BETTMAN!! chants started before we even got inside the arena.

Flyer Fans out numbered the Ranger Fans 3-1 but it was a very peaceful atmosphere. We were lucky enough to be 7 rows off the ice, inside the blue line on Henrik’s side of the ice for that 1st period and holy crap what saves he made. I had 7 Flyer fans around me that even had to give him a standing ovation.

There was one point before the 2nd period started that I noticed a ceiling tile hanging by a wire and we joked that Gary Bettman was trying to get this game canceled as well. Asham and Carcillo had a few set up play fights that lead to Duel Penalty Shots which was neat and both were stopped, one by Hank and one by Marty.

Boyle looked like he was having the most fun out there always a smile on his face on the ice and joking around. I was also lucky enough to meet him on the boardwalk going into the game and get a picture with him. He was joking around with me outside too and playfully made me follow him before we took the picture. Just a really nice guy. The head ref was Kerry fraser. He seemed to be having more fun then all of the players.

Lastly I have to say we all knew what a class act Daniel Alfredsson is but It was on display 1st hand last night. He was signing autographs and talking with fans & was the 1st player after the game to go pick out a little kid and toss him his stick. Henrik, Brad Richards, Hartnell, and Martin all did as well. Martin and Hartnell came out after the game as fans were leaving and tossing pucks and Flyer Hats out to the fans. Hartnell and Brad Richards addressed the crowd before the game and thanked them for being there. Also in warm ups Richards Team brought what looked to be a fan out for pregame skates he was a goalie and they took shots on him and let him play some goal. He wasn’t very good but looked to be just and amazing experience for him. At one point the entire team shot on him and once in a playful way.