Note: Henrik Lundqvist Did Okay In AC Last Night

Jeff Klein wrote in the NY Times, “Team Richards goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who last played competitive hockey in May, when the Rangers lost to the Devils in the Eastern Conference finals, was brilliant. He stopped three breakaways, four penalty shots and 56 shots in all, showing the spectacular form that earned him the Vezina Trophy last season.”

Andrew Wisniewski tweeted, “he was stopping everything, breakaways, odd man rushes, tip-ins, it was quite the sight…even the flyer fans were applauding”

Pat Leonard tweeted this quote from Scott Hartnell, “We were joking after the 1st that now the Rangers will want to play really bad because he’s on fire.”

Following the game, Henrik told Pat Leonard “I’ve been skating with one guy. Mentally, it’s been terrible. But technically it’s been probably pretty good” and “I want to play real games, but it was probably the best feeling I’ve had in a long time.”