Read: Why Five Years?/The People In The Room Now Are The Deal Makers

Jason Kay, the Editor in Chief of The Hockey News, says that the players don’t like five years because they worry that the cap hits of the top players will go up and it will leave very little for the rest of the players.

Larry Brooks says that the owners are firm on five years because they feel that longer term deals are a liability when it comes to trying to sell teams.

Don Brennan writes in the Ottawa Sun that the NHL should give in to the NHLPA’s reported demands of seven year contracts and then collude to never sign a player past five years.

Louis Jean, a reporter from Montreal, spoke with a source that said “If we can`t get a deal with Burkle, Brisson & Crosby, it may not get done. Take it to a vote or we’re probably not playing.”

Elliotte Friedman writes at CBC that the four owners who entered talks on Tuesday, Ron Burkle, Jeff Vinik, Larry Tanenbaum and Mark Chipman, are the ones who want a deal the most and “and there is a feeling that if they can’t do it, we’re at DEFCON 1, no matter what the calendar says.”

According to Pierre LeBrun and others, the NHLPA wants to bring mediators back in but the NHL hasn’t agreed to it yet.

Katie Strang says that the two sides were willing to bring in mediators earlier in the week but they were not available.