Read: Where The Lockout Stuff Stands Today

Over the weekend, Marc Staal spoke with the Daily News about the labor situation and said “It’s a lot of talking. It’s just frustrating that they can’t come to some kind of agreement. You just sit there and shake your head at how they can’t come to an agreement.”

Staal has been involved in the last couple of meetings between the two sides.

Over the weekend, James Mirtle said that the “players have to give on either term limit or year-to-year variance. Again, eight or nine year limit affects very few players.”

Pierre LeBrun added that the league needs to move fast if they want to save the season because the players are angry about how their offer last week was received and rejected.

This morning, Nick Cotsonika tweeted:

  • NHL needs to make another proposal, working off PA’s last one. Give more on “make whole,” give in on some contracting and get it done.
  • PA needs to give up protection on downside (not allowing share to fall), if the NHL gives more “make whole” and relents on contracting.

Darren Dreger responded to Cotsonika and said, “Sounds reasonable…but, unless something changes, sense is NHL’s $211 will go down…not up. Dec 5 B of G mtng will be telling.”

Don Cherry wrote an article in the Toronto Star chastising the players for comments calling Gary Bettman an “idiot” and a “cancer” and said that their anger towards him might be misdirected, “Do you not think if 20 owners went to Bettman now and said “the lockout ends now” it would end? It would end for sure. No, it’s the owners that call the tune. Why don’t these players with their big mouths call out their owners? Call them idiots and cancers? No, they won’t because they don’t have the guts.”

Bill Daly and Steve Fehr spoke yesterday but didn’t schedule a meeting.

Dreger tweets, “A bit more flex on system issues and Make Whole by owners could change direction of negs, but, some say owners won’t or can’t give anymore.”

Andy Strickland tweeted, “NHLPA was not expecting NHL to meet their $393 make whole number but did think it would lead to talks.”