Read: When This Deal Could Actually Get Done

At Grantland, Gabe Feldman writes about the lockout and how and when negotiations on a new CBA will get serious.

“It’s hard to predict a precise end date in these types of negotiations, but deals often get done at the point when — or just before — the parties risk losing more money than they’re fighting over. Or, if you prefer, when the juice is no longer worth the squeeze.”

He adds that the players will start to feel a squeeze when they start missing paychecks and that there may not be a definite and that the point of no return could be what finally pushes a deal to get done.

Feldman writes, “Perhaps that point is simply when a shortened season is no longer feasible and the entire season must be canceled. Can the league and the players afford to miss the Winter Classic because of the lockout? Yes. They’ll take a short-term hit for a long-term gain (for one of the parties, at least), but it’s hard to imagine either side being willing to cut off their nose, ears, eyes, and mouths to spite their faces by allowing the lockout to cancel yet another season. For now, we wait. Again.”