Read: We Are Still Ways Away From The Season Being Cancelled

In the NY Post, Mark Everson writes that the doom and gloom of the NHL not having a season is a little unfounded considering when the 1994-95 season was saved (January) and the 2004-05 season was cancelled (February).

Sidney Crosby said in an interview, via Deadspin, that he thinks a 60 game season would be fair “There are teams that struggle and that gives you a chance to go through a tough point in the season and still have time to kinda gather yourself. So that’s a length that I’m sure everyone could live with, but I’m sure that we’d all be much happier playing much more than that.”

Elliotte Friedman writes that the season isn’t in danger but that if games aren’t being played by December 1, and that some people in the league fear that the hardline owners will retake control of the process and ask for more from the players.

In the NY Times, Jeff Klein writes that the 1994-95 lockout was settled after 11 days of bargaining, the last three of which didn’t include Gary Bettman or Bob Goodenow.

Klein writes that the 04-05 lockout was settled after the two sides met for 30 days in May and June and then 10 straight days in July followed by an all-night session at the league office before the two sides agreed.