Read: Today Is A Big Day For CBA Talks

The NHL and NHLPA are scheduled to meet at 10:30AM to discuss the proposal that the NHLPA has come up with on core economic issues and all other matters regarding the lockout.

Chris Botta tweets “With so many players in NYC, I don’t expect Bettman will blow off meeting in 10 mins again. But NHL will not like PA proposal.”

Kevin Allen writes in USA Today, “But it seems quite definite that if owners and players don’t make those movements, then negotiations are going to blow apart and the fallout could cause widespread damage for years. If true negotiations don’t start now, we are in danger of losing another season.”

Bruce Garrioch writes in the Ottawa Sun that the players don’t believe this is the tipping point of negotiations and the players aren’t ready to cave. Garrioch does note that some high profile agents and players are pressuring the Fehr brothers to get a deal done so they can get back to playing.

Adrian Dater wrote in the Denver Post that he has been told by high ranking people to expect a season and that at this point, both sides have already lost.