Read: The NHL Really Hates Donald Fehr

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the main focus of the NHL isn’t to make a deal but to try and wrangle up enough support from the players to remove Donald Fehr from his position.

“This is a stretch in which ownership and management mean to scare the players into a stampede to either overthrow or sidestep their elected leader. The league is attempting to run out the clock on Fehr. It is doing everything possible within the confines of U.S. labor law to encourage an uprising within the union.”

According to Brooks, the owners have been led to believe that Fehr never negotiated a CBA in Major League Baseball and that the players pushed him aside in 2002 and 2006. On this report, Brooks says “This is utter nonsense. But a slur such as this fuels belief around the league that Fehr, like Goodenow before him, simply cannot be dealt with. It deflects criticism from Bettman and ownership to deliver a product to its customers.”