Read: The Donald Fehr Factor

Damien Cox sent out a tweet saying, “Tough optics for Fehr. Looks like once he got involved again, everything fell apart. Am sure that’s the way the league wanted it to look.”

According to Chris Johnston, Winnipeg defenseman Ron Hainsey said that bringing Fehr back into negotiating sessions was a potential deal breaker for the NHL.

Adrian Dater said that he spoke with someone “deep inside” the players side who said:

“We were ready to play again. But Don came in (Wed.) and told us we could get more and to hold out.”

Michael Russo said, “I don’t like how Don Fehr strutted in front of the cameras with a BS “it’s over” msg tonight. Played with fans heartstrings. It’s shameful.” He adds “Players hire Fehr to potentially lose 100% of their salaries, precious time in a short career and decertify their union?”

Pierre LeBrun, at, praised Fehr for being patient and getting a better offer, until the NHL pulled things like the $300 million make whole off the table, but said he may have screwed up by telling the players to wait, “you can’t wait and wait and wait forever and believe the offer will always improve. You have to know when the time is right to cut a deal.”