Read: The Animosity and Anger Is Back Between The Two Sides

Former Ranger and TSN analyst Aaron Ward sent out a tweet last night saying that things turned ugly during the meeting between the owners and players last night.

  • According to multiple player sources,”the notion that players don’t know what’s in CBA proposal is a complete fabrication”.Today’s meeting was described as ‘heated’.One observation,”they couldn’t have tried harder to push us away”.Sensing huge frustration with the league.

On the progress of the talks, Gary Bettman told the NY Times “I don’t want to either raise or lower expectations. I won’t be happy until we get to the end result.”

Michael Grange at Sportsnet writes about the good old days, of earlier this week when talks stayed quiet, and how yesterday changed things “Friday blew them all to hell. Let’s just hope that the prospect of an NHL season – or at least a meaningful one that starts before Christmas didn’t go down in flames with it.”

At, Pierre LeBrun writes “Well, I guess it was too much to ask them to continue to act like adults for the entire week. Nope, the old show returned Friday, NHL labor talks off the rails after a week full of promise and for the first time, real meaningful negotiation.”

LeBrun added that the NHLPA thinks that the NHL has a date in mind for when they really want to start negotiating. The NHL believes that Donald Fehr has no interest in finding a solution.