Read: Rangers Leadership Team At NHL CBA Talks Tonight

8:56PM: Today’s meeting is over but the two sides will meet tomorrow.

Nick Cotsonika tweets “They must have something to talk about. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.”

From Renaud Lavoie: Don Fehr:”we are going to think about what was said and think about our next step.”

8:03PM: Rosen notes that Shanahan isn’t in the meeting but still in the NHL office

7:37PM: Dan Rosen notes that former Ranger Brendan Shanahan is taking part of the talks on the league side.

6:42PM: According to the NHLPA, of the 18 players taking part in the CBA talks tonight, five of them are Ryan Callahan, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, Marc Staal and Jeff Halpern.

Katie Strang tweets ” Core economics/player contracting rights expected to be discussed tonight. Doesn’t sound like a proposal coming from NHLPA,  though.”

Darren Dreger tweets :

  • No proposals coming from the PA, but, players are going in hoping for flexibility and sound willing to listen closely to ideas to close gap.
  • If tonights meeting ends quickly it will be clear neither side is willing to bend more than it already has. Good group of players attending.
  • On the wknd, Daly suggested the NHL is willing to move on contractual hurdles, but, not until core economics are clearly defined.


Honestly, the number of takeaways we have is a complete and utter embarrassment, and has been for a long time under Ryan.

He needs to go. Straight up. His defense is good and sometimes great, but it doesn't work with the offense we have turning the ball over all the time. We need a defense that can force turnovers to give ourselves a chance against good team, because lord knows we will never be able to compete with them offensively. 

The early season games against Green Bay, Chicago and Detroit epitomize this sentiment exactly. We kept chasing those offenses, but couldn't keep up and by the end of the game we weren't getting it done offensively, yet our defense was able to get stops but only to have the offense start  in terrible field position, which of course resulted in nothing. 


Wow,triple the take aways. Less than 200 yards passing a game is pathetic in this league. Looking at those numbers it is easy to see how we are 2-8


@benmoz " but it doesn't work with the offense we have turning the ball over all the time."

No defense works with the offense turning the ball over all the time. 


@Brendan @benmoz False. Our defense worked immaculately despite a turnover crazy offense under Sanchez that still led us to 2 AFC championship games.