Read: Players Weren’t Exactly Thrilled With How Yesterday Turned Out

Following the end of the NHL and NHLPA meeting yesterday, Michael Del Zotto sent out a couple of tweets:

  • Surprise surprise. #embarrassing
  • Apologies to all the loyal, passionate fans out there. We clearly do not have a willing negotiating partner.

Del Zotto then tweeted at his teammate Stu Bickel saying take a 2, 5 and 10 on Gary. Bickel responded with “what a Gary”

At Sportsnet and CBC, they compile a list of what other NHL players were saying yesterday on twitter:

Brandon Prust tweeted: Gary bettman’s autobiography is in stores now. It’s titled ‘how I destroyed a sport and a nation’

Mike Rupp tweeted: “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E” – The 3 other Major Sports #cmonsingalong

Josh Gorges tweeted: Another massive step in the owners direction and still gets rejected obvious they don’t want a deal to get done

Logan Couture tweeted: it takes two to make a deal. It just seems the other side isn’t willing to make it work. It hurts.

Colby Armstrong tweeted: Classic Gary

At Puck Daddy, they have a quote from Paul Bissonette where he said he understood the job Gary Bettman is doing and put the blame on the actual owners, “Gary Bettman’s just trying to do his job. I know that’s against what we’re about as far as the players are concerned. But I know he’s the messenger. If they’re going to pay him $8 million to save them hundreds of millions, well there’s a lot of people listening that would do the same job for the money he makes.”

Marty St. Louis told “I feel they’re trying to bully us and trying to draw a line in the sand pretty much. It’s tough. We want to be negotiating. We came their way again and nothing. They just keep telling us keep coming. They’re staying where they are, so you end up negotiating with yourself, and that’s definitely something we don’t want to do.”