Read: Losing The Season Isn’t An Option

NHL_NHLPA_Fehr_BettmanAt Sportsnet, Mark Spector writes that the belief coming out of the NHL office is that the owners told Commissioner Gary Bettman that losing this season to a lockout is “not an option” and that it is time to make a deal.

He writes that those have been the orders, not to have the season cancelled, since the beginning of the lockout and now that time is growing short it is time to make the proper moves/concessions to make a new CBA and start the season.

Spector writes “The owners have never wanted to lose an entire season over this, even knowing that they will make their losses back through the life of a more favourable CBA. Players, we believe, are desperate to play. They know better than anyone that every dollar lost is irretrievable on their side; that every paycheque today’s player misses will be made up by a future player who might only be in bantam today.”