Read: How Are The League and Union Going to Co-Exist and How This Is A Trip Back To The 90’s

NHL_NHLPA_Fehr_BettmanIn the Toronto Star, Damien Cox writes that the NHL and NHLPA have traveled back to the early 90’s with how their relationship has deteriorated.

The partnership that should exist between the two to make the game better and grow revenue appears to be dead in it’s tracks

He writes, “At this point, growing the pie, which would benefits owners and players, appears to be the last objective on the minds of either side. It’s scorched earth for both. This isn’t about moving forward; we’re back to the early 1990s in terms of the relationship between owners and players.”

Brian Lawton sent out some tweets saying, “Having worked on both sides of the equation I can 100% say players are great guys and the majority of the Owners really care about players! None of that last tweet has come out in these negotiations and that is why you have to remember people it is not personal. Hopefully this meeting is the beginning to the end of the lock-out! A snowball can easily turn into an avalanche of momentum.