Read: Donald Fehr Says That There Was No Movement Today

3:38PM: Chris Botta sent out a tweet saying “A player at today’s meeting told me the NHL’s response was something like this: “No, no, no way, no friggin way, no and no:

Damien Cox tweeted “You knew this NHLPA offer wasn’t going anywhere as soon as the union started leaking it to everyone.”



Chris Johnston tweets “Donald Fehr says players insisted on guaranteeing their share won’t go down any year because of the other concessions they’ve made.”

3:15PM: According to multiple reports, Donald Fehr said that the two sides made no movement today.

Michael Grange tweets Don Fehr saying

  • “on the $$ issue they said ‘thanks but no thanks, we’re not moving”
  • “on the big things there was no movement on major issues”

Brian Lawton tweets “I have a hard time finding a lot of optimism in this offer. It contains a lot of digs Still don’t see both sides doing best to make a deal!”

Darren Dreger tweets “Close on rev sharing, but no contract concessions and league remains firm on $211 mil Make Whole. Talks will continue, but may not meet Thur”

Aaron Ward says “NHLPA feels they’ve gone as far as coming off the structure of PA proposal and have gone to NHL proposal structure and are nowhere still.”

From Chris Johnston: Donald Fehr says he’s disappointed. “The players have done an awful lot here.”

Chris Botta quotes Donald Fehr saying “The players have done everything they could to get the game back on the ice.”