Read: Don Fehr’s Goal Is To Make A Point

Buzz: Fehr Less Likely To Assume Top Spot In NHLPAIn the LA Times, Bill Shaikin writes about NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr and how he came out of retirement to take the job of running the NHLPA.

He writes that while some owners won’t admit that they find Fehr to be an engaging fellow, the majority of owners just remember Fehr for all the fights in the boardroom during his tenure as head of the MLBPA.

Shaikin writes that the perception of of Michael Weiner, who replaced Don Fehr, is that he wants to make a deal. The perception of Fehr is that “he wants to make a point.”

He adds “He breathes fire at the suggestion he is not acting in the best interests of hockey. His working life has been devoted to challenging owners who claim the best interests of a sport preclude players from negotiating with the team with which they want to play, for whatever salary that team might want to pay.”