Read: Bringing In The Guy Who Closed The NBA CBA Deal

NHL-NHLPAAt CBC, Elliotte Friedman writes that Don Fehr has an ace up his sleeve and it’s Jim Quinn who helped end the NBA lockout last year.

Quinn was the former lead outside counsel for the NBAPA and had a working relationship with David Stern.

Quinn, as Friedman notes, has known Gary Bettman for 30 years  and Quinn says that they have always gotten along.

Friedman says that where Quinn succeeded, and mediators failed, was that he knew the parties involved much better than a mediator could.

The main thing that Quinn says he would work on is developing a trust between both sides where they can agree on certain topics and build off of them in the hope of salvaging the season.

Quinn also helped end the 1998-99 NBA lockout. has more on what Quinn did to end the NBA lockout.