Read: What Henrik Lundqvist Returning To Frolunda Would Mean


8:41AM: The Swedish newspaper Expressen writes about how Frolunda has secured the necessary money to sign Henrik Lundqvist if Lundqvist decides he wants to play in Sweden.

On the impact that Lundqvist would have on his former team, Av Ludvig Holmberg writes that he would have a dramatic impact on his team.

If Henke Lundqvist comes to Frölunda is nothing but a big deal for the club and the fans in Gothenburg. Lundqvist is a leader both on and off the ice, in other words, exactly what Frölunda need. I mean – it’s the NHL’s best goalie last season, we’re talking about. And it is a goalkeeper who kept a very high level for many years in a row, and now he is in his prime and has never been better.

Would Frölunda get him into the squad would not only defense get better – but the whole squad would lift themselves and filled with energy. The effect has players Henke on his teammates. In addition, there is a large Frölunda-heart in him. It is his home club, and when I’ve talked to him, there is absolutely no doubt that Frölunda is the only league club he is willing to play for.

Frolunda is the Swedish team that Henrik Lundqvist played for from 2000 to 2005 and led to two Swedish Elite League Championships.