Read: Henrik Lundqvist Misses Hockey

Henrik Lundqvist landed in Sweden this morning and when asked if he was hungry to get back on the ice, Lundqvist told the Swedish pressOf course I miss hockey, of course, it’s been a long summer.”

He reiterated that he is in Sweden to see family and friends but “then we’ll see where it ends somewhere.”

On if he has talked to Frolunda about playing there, Hank said “I always talk with my brother, I do all the time. Obviously, the situation is special when it was not a game over there. We have not decided anything yet. I have said that I am here to meet friends and family, then we have a discussion. There’s not much more to say about it.”



Sick of Ray Lewis, the man most likely to interrupt when someone else has an opinion. The man uses the word "again" about 50 times a show. Yes Ray, we know, you played Quarterback, you played for Bill Parcels, how many times do we need to hear it. Bring back Joe Klecko, Tony Richardson, Mike Westoff, heck, bring back Greg Buttle.

Boy, am I sick of Ray Lewis.