Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Won’t Play For Frolunda Unless They Give Him An Out Clause (Update)

9:27AM: Lundqvist told the Frolunda website, “I really need to work out now that the conflict drags on. “Kenta” and I had a good talk in the week. Now I get at least two good workouts”

Lundqvist added “I would love to play in Frölunda while this conflict continues, and can feel a great frustration that we can not solve it so we can get to play in Sweden and a little pay back to our club and to the fans.”

Teams in SEL can only sign players to short-term contracts if they are injury replacements.

Kenta is the coach of Frolunda

7:24AM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Henrik Lundqvist will not play for Frolunda unless the Swedish Elite League changes their policy on allowing players to sign contracts that will allow them to leave if the lockout is resolved.

Lundqvist did say that the longer the lockout goes on the more he wants to join Frolunda but that he hopes the lockout is resolved soon.

THIS SECTION focuses on Lundqvist and Frolunda.

Lundqvist tweeted yesterday, Trying to understand why Sv Hockey League is the only league in the world that does not want to see NHL players pay back to the clubs that nurtured them ..

Lundqvist will be training with Frolunda today according to the team.


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