Note: Talks Are Done For Today, They Plan To Talk Tomorrow

6:44PM: Darren Dreger tweets “Little info leaking from either side. Far from alarming or surprising, but still some differences on the main issues that must be resolved.”

6:43PM: John Shannon tweets that the PA proposal was 26 pages. The NHL proposal was 288 pages

5:12PM: According to Darren Dreger, Bruce Garrioch, Renaud Lavoie and Chris Johnston the talks between the NHL and NHLPA are done for today.

On Sportsnet, Don Fehr says that he expects to hear from the NHL in the morning.

5:32PM: Gary Bettman spoke live and said:

  • The players responded with a comprehensive proposal that responded to all the points that the NHL brought up
  • “Our expectation is that we will contact them tomorrow morning and hopefully get back together mid-day.”
  • The PA highlighted the areas they think they should focus on. “we are anticipating getting back together tomorrow.”
  • “we need time to analyze it”
  • “we have said that we need to drop the puck by 1/19 if we want to have a 48 game season. We don’t want to play anything less than that.”

Doug MacLean The deadline has hit home. The owners want to play and the players want to play. Finally, I feel we have a real drop dead date and it is motivating both sides.

Nick Kypreos says that the good news is that the NHL didn’t come out and tell the PA to go take a dive into the Hudson river. “We are in a negotiation for the first time and the reason is that there is pressure.” Kypreos says that the NHLPA wanted the NHL to come back tonight.

Kypreos says that the player tweaks were about the salary cap, something around $65-$67 million, the pension, CBA and contract term. He says that the PA just wants to find a middle ground with the issues.

Kypreos says The players don’t want to see their team get dismantled and bringing in a higher cap number brings in less of a chance that teams will be dismantled.

John Shannon says that Bettman warned the owners over the last few owners that this CBA was going to be tougher on them and they should be careful.

Damien Cox says that the owners may not be happy with what the players offered, but their approach toward getting a deal will be different.

Doug MacLean says that the owners REALLY want to play and neither side has the guts to cancel the season.