Note: CBA Meetings Are Breaking For Lunch But Will Reconvene at 1PM

11:55AM: Larry Brooks tweets “Told that wide cross-section of players had significant input into PA proposal.”

Nick Cotsonika tweets “Whatever the NHL feels about it, league has to recognize that the players feel this was a big concession. Be smart with response.”

11:35AM: Donald Fehr says that the proposal the NHLPA has put forth to the NHL is the best that they can do and that the two sides will reconvene at 1PM

Chris Johnston tweets:

  • Donald Fehr says sides are $182 million apart over the five-year deal.
  • The NHLPA expects a response from the NHL on the new proposal this afternoon.

According to Tim Panaccio the two sides are now only $182 million apart and that is down from when the two sides were almost apart by $1 billion.

Panaccio notes that it is a five-year proposal that is percentage based and not based on a guarantee

Chris Botta notes “NHL reaction to proposal will be a pivotal moment. If NHL dismisses it, previous ugliness will pale in comparison to what’s ahead.”

Michael Grange tweets Don Fehr saying “our expectation is the nhl is going to be willing to meet us if they want an agreement.”