Read: Mediators Can’t Work Miracles

At, Lester Munson writes that mediation is the logical and reasonable way to end the lockout.

In the Globe and Mail, James Mirtle writes about how mediation was used during the NBA and NFL lockouts last year but didn’t produce any results.

He spoke with people who were involved in the mediation talks for those two leagues and who said that nothing could be accomplished because of how entrenched both sides were in their beliefs.

He spoke with one person who said that they worked to try and get mediation to work in the NBA and NFL but no progress or deals were made until the union decertified and lawsuits were started.

Scott Burnside writes at that one of the big things that the mediators will have to do is build trust between the two sides. He writes, “Maybe, just maybe, having a third party in the room will help release those toxins and the two sides can get down to the business of saving at least part of the 2012-13 season.”

Pierre LeBrun writes at that one of the main reasons mediation didn’t work in 2005 was because the NHLPA was still insisting on not putting in a salary cap. He notes that this time is different with the gap of only $182 million separating them in the make whole but emphasizes one point, “mediation only has a chance if both parties are open to the process.”