Recap: James Dolan’s Comments Today

James DolanRangers owner James Dolan made a statement today at Henrik Lundqvist’s press conference:

“I have some prepared comments here but as usual I like to go off the script a little bit at the start. The New York Rangers have had a long history of having great goaltenders and great goaltenders who have been with the team for a long time. Ed Giacomin, John Davidson, Mike Richter to just name the ones in my time. I just want to say how proud and pleased I am that Henrik is going to finish his career here with the New York Rangers and how appropriate that is because of the history.”

“He has proven himself to be a world class goaltender and I expect him to continue to play at a high level into the future…(To Lundqvist) Right?”

Lundqvist: “Right”

Dolan: “He is everything that you want on and off the ice. He is a leader a tireless worker, his focus on his game is basically unparalleled as a team owner he is the model for what you want in a player and in a leader for the team. In addition he does wonderful work with the Garden of Dreams foundation that we very much appreciate and again, I am pleased that he will be in the blue for the rest of your career…thank you.”