Read: Trying To Make Sense Of Decertification/Ryan Miller Is All For It

In a couple of tweets last night, Darren Dreger said that if the NHLPA decertifies it will effectively end any chance of their being a season this year. Dreger said that it is still early in the process for that to happen and that no one he has spoken with thinks it is a legit play for the players.

Bob McKenzie writes at TSN that players seemed okay with decertification for the first time on Wednesday’s conference call and says that Don Fehr may have the green light to go down that road.

51% of the players need to vote in favor of decertification for it to pass.

The next step would be filing an injunction saying that the players are ready and willing to fulfill their contracts and that the lockout is illegal. If the court rules in favor of the players then the NHL would return with no CBA in place which would mean no draft, no salary cap, no rules and basically “chaos.”

In the case of the NFLPA, which decertified, a court ruled in their favor while three subsequent cases saw that overturned. The NFLPA decertified before the players were even locked out.

Ryan Miller told the Globe and Mail that he doesn’t think anything meaningful will be discussed until the players have filed for decertification.

Miller said, “They want to see if we will take a bad deal because we get desperate or if we have the strength to push back. Decertification is a push back and should show we want a negotiation and a fair deal on at least some of our terms.”

James Mirtle, in the Globe and Mail, spoke with a sports labor lawyer who said that the PA needs to discuss whether it needs some thing like decertification to change the balance of power in the negotiations.

Nick Cotsonika tweets “My guess/hope is that if NHLPA decertifies, it leads to a deal as in other sports and not Armageddon. Owners had to account for possibility.”