Buzz: The Players Dropped Their Request To Never Have Their Share Drop But Make Whole May Not Come Back?

In a couple of tweets, Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo says that the NHLPA backed off on their request that their share never fall below where it was the year before.

He adds that the NHL is uncertain if the make-whole concept will return. On the chance that the make-whole doesn’t return, Cotsonika says “If NHL isn’t bluffing and NHLPA misjudges that, NHL is partly to blame for bluffing before and giving PA reason to doubt it.”

Adam Rotter: Everyone seems to be convinced that the things that Gary Bettman took “off the table” last Thursday will return when the two sides meet again. While that may end up being true, I have a hard time seeing the NHL returning to $300 million on make whole. The make-whole was brought in to save the 82 game season and was raised to $300 million to try and get a deal done last week. Now the NHL may have other ideas on what they want to do to try and make a deal.