Buzz: Progress Has Been Made?

10:38PM: Craig Custance says “Players on tonight’s call very cautious with their assessment. Message basically is that talks are still going and that’s a good thing.”

10:34PM: Elliotte Friedman tweets “Players had conference call during dinner break. Think the best word to use is “cautious.” There is good dialogue going on, but no one wants to get too far ahead. It’s not an easy process.”

10:09PM: Bettman and Fehr are not involved in the talks according to Rishaug

9:59PM: Ryan Rishaug tweets “Two sides remain in separate rooms for now. Not a guarantee that Bettman and D Fehr stay out Of the room next round.. Both are in building”

9:33PM: Katie Strang, Elliotte Friedman and Ryan Rishaug all tweet that the owners have returned.

9:04PM: Aaron Ward tweets “Hearing both sides discussed further means of ‘giving’. Both are encouraged by the discussions so far.”

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8:44PM: Darren Dreger tweets that the two sides do intend to keep meeting tonight.

Bruce Garrioch adds “They appear to have found common ground on some issues. Some progress. Long way to go.”

8:12PM: LeBrun tweets that Burkle made his presence felt in the room and the players seem receptive to him.


8:03PM: Aaron Ward says “All indications are that they are going to meet again. If not tonight,then tomorrow.Positive feedback so far.”

8PM: Pierre LeBrun tweets that talks have been substantive but it is still way too early to tell which way they will go.

7:52PM: According to John Shannon of Sportsnet, progress has been made in the meeting between the owners and the players and after breaking for dinner the owners expect to meet again.

He adds that Penguins owner Ron Burkle has been the voice of reason.

In another tweet, Shannon adds “Couldn’t help but notice Crosby’s agent Pat Brisson is in hotel, along with Pens co-owner Mario Lemieux. Could Pgh be building a bridge?”