Buzz: Will There Be TWO Amnesty Buyouts? (Updates)

10:54AM: Elliotte Friedman tweets that this “is quite the concession from players…proof that NHL was going to hold firm on money being “outside the system.” But, remember “Nothing is done until everything is done,” as one source says.

10:12AM: Michael Grange tweets that the NHL has agreed to TWO amnesty buyouts prior to the 2013-14 season.

Grange also notes that the two sides have agreed on year to year salary variances of 20%

9:49AM: According to Damien Cox in the Toronto Star, the NHL has reportedly agreed to allowing TWO players from each team to receive an amnesty buyout.

Last week the league proposed ONE amnesty buyout,before 2013-14, that would count against the players share but not against the salary cap.

The player would still receive his money but it would not count against the salary cap.

Wade Redden is expected to be bought out by the Rangers.

The NBA CBA has a clause allowing teams FIVE years to use their amnesty clause on a player whose contract was signed before the 2011-12 lockout.

Adam Rotter: If there are two buyouts, and the Rangers are allowed to buy out Redden before the start of this season, I would think that Mike Rupp would be a strong candidate to be bought out before the start of next season. The cap is coming down and the time of paying over $1 million for fourth line players appears to be over. Rupp would have one year left on his deal at $1.5 million and Michael Haley, while not as polished a player or the locker room presence that Rupp is, is due $600,000 next season. John Tortorella is a big fan of Rupp, but it becomes a numbers game and unless Rupp makes a bigger impact on the ice, the team can’t afford to pay him that much with other players needing that cap space.