Stats: Derick Brassard, Ryan Callahan and Michael Del Zotto Projections

Screenshot_2_21_13_10_06_PMIn The Hockey News Pool Guide, they looked at all players that they think will get over 40 points and broke down how many goals and assists they think those players will have.

In total, the Rangers are projected to have 10 players score over 40 points:

Derick Brassard: “Made a splash when he got to the Big Apple but players often produce when first traded”

  • 74 games, 18 goals and 33 assists

Ryan Callahan: Two-way player only knows how to play one way. That’s why he’s never disappointing.

  • 77 games, 30 goals and 25 assists

Michael Del Zotto: Doesn’t post huge numbers, bue he’s on power play and 40-point D-men are rare

  • 78 games: 8 goals and 32 assists

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