Read: What The Rangers Didn’t Do Last Night/What Montreal Did

Last night against the Rangers, Montreal had 16 icings and Mike Keenan said on the post game show that slowing the game down was their strategy.

Keenan added that the Rangers couldn’t get any hard forechecking going and didn’t get enough pucks past defensemen to then go to the net. He added, “there was no edge to the game.”

Dave Maloney talked about how the Rangers execution was nowhere to be found last night, along with the game of some of their top players, “It’s imperative that if the other team is intent on bogging the play down, you must execute. As the opposition you need to find a way to have your top players be your top players.”

Maloney also said that without Rick Nash, the Rangers best three zone player this season, added responsibility fell on Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik to step up and they didn’t, “Gaborik and Richards have to be better when times call for them to be good.”

When describing the game, Henrik Lundqvist said “It’s a game of patience when you. They played extremely boring but they are a smart team. They were waiting for mistakes. I thought we played a pretty good game, but we couldn’t get a big play.”

Brian Boyle said on MSG that the team didn’t want Montreal to “lull” them to sleep and told Andrew Gross that he wasn’t sure what kind of style the Habs played, “It wasn’t grinding. I don’t know what it was…whatever it was, it worked.”

Henrik Lundqvist said that Montreal played an “extremely boring” game of hockey.

John Tortorella described the game as two bad teams playing each other and one of the worst games he has ever been involved with.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks wrote “Neither is it excused by the style employed by the Canadiens, who put on a display of neutral zone- and middle-packing that made Jacques Lemaire’s most stringent trapping teams look like the Oilers of the early ’80s.”

On what his team did, Brandon Prust told the NY Times,  “We were pretty tired out there. We got in late last night after a game. We were focused on grinding out a win.”