Read: The Rangers Were Not As Sloppy Last Night

Prior to the Rangers win over Tampa Bay, John Tortorella spoke with Sam Rosen about the the consistency issues the team had been dealing with to start the season.

Tortorella said that while he expected some sloppy play, the Rangers were playing at a level he wasn’t comfortable with,”There is no question that our mental toughness, our mental concentration is inadequate right now. It’s not sloppy. It’s sloppy. We are a sloppy hockey team and it’s something that we need to peck away at. I knew going into the year that there was going to be some sloppiness, but not where we have gone to. We have gone to a couple of levels where we shouldn’t be and that needs to be corrected.

Following the game, Tortorella was happy with how hard the team played and said “I thought everybody gave effort. There line was consistently around the puck. We get a goal from Step, we get a goal from Hags. I thought our whole team was much better with puck protection around the boards, especially offensively we had more zone time. We find a way to win a game.

In the Daily News , Derek Stepan said that the Rangers really wanted last night to go the way that it did,

“It was a game that everybody kind of wanted to snap out of ‘it,’ that funk or that inconsistency in our game. We worked extremely hard. All four lines at some point had a good scoring chance.”

Marc Staal told Andrew Gross, “I think our confidence and our arrogance in being stiff and being in their face was a lot better than it has been for 60 minutes.”