Read: The Most Important Thing That Ryan Callahan Did Last Night

On MSG last night, Brian Leetch and Dave Maloney was talking about the players on the Rangers who have been struggling.

Maloney said that Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik were both a little better, but “not good enough.”

Brian Leetch said that it is up to each player to find a way to get themselves going.

Leetch then added, “Ryan Callahan figured it out.”

In terms of Brad Richards, both Maloney and Joe Micheletti spoke about how much of an impact he has with younger players when they have questions and how in a situation like he is in now, he needs a player like himself to talk with.

Brian Leetch said that whenever his game would fall into a rut, he would always force himself to move his legs and get up in the play. He added that what worked for him may not work for others.