Read: The Missing Heart and How To Get It Back

In the NY Post, they write that heart and determination that defined the Rangers over the past couple of seasons is non-existent right now. Rangers alternate captain Brad Richards seemed to agree,“That’s a big detail. How we play and how this team has played the last couple years is not there yet.”

In the third period on Sunday Chris Kreider was hit by Brooks Orpik, and while saying the hit was clean, he said maybe that is what the team needs,”That is a big problem with our club right now. Maybe we need to get whacked around a little more to wake us up.

Carp at Rangers Report wrote “I am not totally saying this is because they don’t have the two Brandons around, because it can’t be. But they sure have been missing that Rangers’ “jam” the first two games.”

Adam Rotter: On 10/31 last season the Rangers were 3-3-2 and coming off a terrible loss to Ottawa where they blew a lead and lost in OT. The Rangers won that night, 10/31, against the Sharks and following the game, Joe Thornton called the Rangers “soft.” Thornton backtracked, Tortorella ripped him and the Rangers won their next six games, lost two games and then won their next five. It was a galvanizing moment where the Rangers identity was questioned and they responded by showing the rest of the league how “soft” they were.

That is what needs to happen now. Through the first two games there is a lack of cohesion and flow and every time there was a post-whistle scrum I was hoping that THAT was going to be the moment where they all looked at each other and nodded because they knew what needed to be done. Something, maybe it was the hit on Chris Kreider, needs to bring this team onto the same page and propel them forward. Arron Asham tried to do that, the same way Brandon Prust did against the Flyers last season, but it didn’t take. The Rangers need a personal challenge to rally around and they should try and find it as soon as they can.