Read: The Focus Of Tonight Is Playing With Confidence

After practice yesterday, John Tortorella said that the last thing the Rangers can do is get caught up/”involved” in the high expectations surrounding the Rangers. The only thing the Rangers need to focus on is going day by day and trying to get points.

He added, “If you don’t handle the pressure the proper way then you get in the way. It binds you. It’s a team that needs something good to happen and to gain some confidence back. That is the way we gotta go about our business. I don’t think we have played “The Right Way” consistently enough and if we concentrate on doing that, I think good things will come our way, we will gain some traction and get some confidence.”

Dan Girardi said that the team isn’t playing with a whole lot of confidence right now but that needs to change and the players need to “enjoy the game and play hard.”

When asked what will help get the confidence level up, Tortorella said that bigger plays from their top players will do the trick along with an increase in production from the power play.

Brian Boyle told the team’s website, “we expect a lot out of ourselves, it’s up to us to get it back and to take care of business.”

Marc Staal added that the team needs to return to having the confidence and arrogance that when they hit the ice, they “aren’t going to lose.”