Read: 45 Shots Doesn’t Mean The Rangers Created Offense

Last night against the Panthers, the Rangers fired a total of 77 toward the net. 45 were on goal, 24 were blocked and eight missed the net.

Michael Del Zotto and Marian Gaborik tied for hte lead with 11 shots attempted. Gaborik had eight on goal and Del Zotto had six on goal.

Ryan Callahan had seven and Ryan McDonagh had six.

Brad Richards had three shots on goal, two blocked and one that missed the net. Rick Nash had two shots on goal and one shot attempt blocked.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 9.10.30 AM

via TSN comes the Rangers shot chart from last night

On MSG, John Tortorella said “we had 2 to 1 advantage in minutes in terms of zone time, we out chanced them 2 to 1 but we still aren’t creating enough offense with that mount of time in the end zone. At the end of the game we need to create more offense in that situation. That is where we are at. We need another big play at a key time and we aren’t getting it consistently enough.”

John Giannone added that the Rangers didn’t play nearly enough around the Florida net and backed up what Tortorella said about how taking a lot of shots doesn’t necessarily mean you have created enough offense.