Read: Would You Think A Stanley Cup During A 48 Game Season is Tainted?

At the Sports Business Journal, Chris Botta writes about how Gary Bettman has said that he won’t allow the NHL to play a season that has fewer than 48 games.

The 1994-95 season started on January 20th and ended on May 3rd with the playoffs ending on June 24th.

Botta adds that there aren’t many league observers who view the Devils Stanley Cup win in 1995 as “tainted” because it only featured a regular season of 48 games.

Adam Rotter: Everything, to me, is about the playoffs and if you still need to go through 4 rounds and win 16 games then the Stanley Cup isn’t tainted. I don’t view the Devils in 95 as having a tainted championship or the Spurs or Heat who won NBA titles in lockout shortened seasons. If you make it through the grind of the playoffs then you deserve to call yourself champion.