Read: How The 48 Game Schedule Breaks Down

According to a tweet from Bob McKenzie, the 48 game schedule that the NHL will reveal later this week will be based on this structure:

  • 4 games against TWO divisional opponents
  • 5 games against TWO divisional opponents
  • 3 games against the TEN other conference teams.

Adam Rotter: The most interesting thing about this schedule structure, to me, is how it is determined which divisional teams you play four times and which teams you play five times. While they always play the Rangers hard, having one extra game against the Islanders instead of the Flyers or Penguins could be a big deal in what should be a very close Atlantic Division race. How they decide who gets the extra home game in each sequence is also interesting and could probably have a big impact in the Western Conference where travel is a much bigger deal.