Read: Pierre McGuire Talks About The Rangers Coaching Candidates

Pierre McGuire was a guest on Mike Francesa today and said that Alain Vigneault and Lindy Ruff are both outstanding coaches and candidates for the Rangers.

McGuire said he is very familiar with both coaches bodies of work and that he worked with Vigneault when both were assistants in Florida and he coached against Lindy Ruff when Ruff was an assistant with the Panthers.

He added that he would love to be inside the room when Mark Messier gets interviewed because he wants to see what Messier would say when asked about his approach to coaching.

Francesa asked if he would be concerned with having a superstar as a coach and McGuire said that it wouldn’t matter as long as Messier was surrounded by veteran coaches who have a good grasp on Special Teams, “special teams are such a critical part of the NHL today and it’s far more structured than when Mark played.”