FINAL: Rangers 3 Tampa Bay 2

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Adam’s Thoughts:

  • The Rangers won this game because of one word…..discipline. Besides Stu Bickel’s hooking penalty, which Tampa scored on, the Rangers stayed out of the box. Everything about the Rangers game looks better when they play 5 on 5 and stay out of the penalty box.
  • The Carl Hagelin, Derek Stepan, Taylor Pyatt line was the Rangers best tonight. The two players who needed to step up and score, Hagelin and Stepan, did and for the first time this season the Rangers had some scoring depth.
  • Marty Biron was great for the Rangers.
  • Over the past few years the Rangers have been good at bouncing back after bad performances and they did that tonight. They continue to see-saw with their consistency and tonight was good. It won’t matter that much though if they can’t replicate it against the Devils on Tuesday.