Read: The Special Teams Battle Was Lost Again

Last night the Rangers were 0-3 on the power play and had shot on goals from John Moore (1), Brad Richards (1) and Rick Nash (1).

The Bruins had four PP opportunities, scored on one of them and fired six on goal during their PP in overtime.

Henrik Lundqvist said on MSG last night, “special teams was the difference. They won it 1-0. That is going to the the case. We talked about it in the first round and we need to get it done but we didn’t.”

John Giannone tweeted last night, “simply put, if NYR don’t keep opponent honest by showing some power play threat, teams will take liberties. And Cup run will be impacted.”

Dave Maloney said on MSG that the Bruins power play sets up the rest of their game and forces the Rangers to defend in an “exhausting” way.

Henrik Lundqvist said that the Bruins gained energy and built off of their power play chances.