Read: Adam Oates Says That The Caps Didn’t Complain/He Could Beat Up John Tortorella

John TortorellaOn the radio today in Washington, via Wysh, Adam Oates was asked about John Tortorella’s remarks that the Capitals spent the series complaining and that is why they lost the series.

Here is a transcript from the show:

  • Oates: He’s out of line and should be worried about his own series. We didn’t whine once during the series. I never complained, did you ever hear me complain?
  • Hosts: No, not you.
  • Oates: Ovi did after game seven. No one did before any game. I met the supervisor before game seven. You meet with the supervisor before every single game. We never complained about anything.
  • Host: (Jokingly) Could you beat Torts up in a one on one situation?
  • Oates: Yes…..easily.

Following game six, Troy Brouwer said that it was “outlandish” that the Caps didn’t get a power play.