Buzz: Will Players Head To Europe This Time Around?

Andy Strickland tweets “I don’t see many NHL players seriously looking at European options unless a lockout extending into mid November or December is expected.”

He adds that in regards to rumors about Joe Thornton going to Europe, that he has a home in Switzerland and met his wife there during the 2004-05 lockout.

Strickland writes that Thornton’s agent/brother says that he has no current plans to head to Europe.

The NHLPA reportedly is trying to set up exhibition games with the KHL if there is a lockout.

Adam Rotter: I think it will be similar to what the NBA experienced during their lockout. European players will likely stay in their home countries to play for a little while and a few big names, like Derron Williams, will go over to play. Most, if not all, will demand an “out-clause” to return to the NHL.

Guys may just look at it as an extended offseason and just keep working out and finding rinks to skate at. Best thing would be if the guys all came to NY, the ones who won’t be playing in Hartford, and rented a rink to scrimmage like they do before training camp starts.