Read: Will the Rangers have an advantage tonight because they already played outside?

Yankee Stadium 1:25Ryan Callahan said yesterday (MSG) that knowing what to expect from playing outside should help the Rangers tonight in their game against the Islanders at Yankee Stadium.

Callahan said, “you know the surroundings and the routines but it’s a new game and new team and we play at night so it’s a few new things to look forward to.”

Brad Richards said on Sunday (MSG) that he thinks that coming into Wednesday’s game with two points will help the Rangers and that they know to keep things simple because they have experienced the conditions and ice surface before.

Alain Vigneault said after the Devils that he doesn’t think that the Rangers will have an advantage on Wednesday that the Islanders will feed off of their first opportunity to play outside”

On Tuesday, Vigneault said “it is definitely not going to hurt. Probably, I think the individual it will help the most is Hank. To get the bearings, the fact that the people aren’t behind and that he has had the opportunity to have a practice and a game, I think should help him. We all saw how challenging it was for the goalies at the beginning of the game so it should help him. We have one game experience at Yankee Stadium so it shouldn’t hurt.”

Chris Kreider said that tonight’s game will be completely different from Sunday’s game and they will be “independent entities.” He said that the team will be able to take certain things from Sunday’s game but the key will be how they adjust to what is different.” (